Blood Donation Coin

Brazilian Coin, Minerable and Safe. Encouraging the donation of blood in Brazil and in the world!

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Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

Donation of [[value]] BTC Received. Thank You.
What is

Blood Donation Coin

The Blood Donation Coin is a coin created in Brazil with blood centers and hemonucleis international partnerships distributed around the world, wich it’s porpouse is to raise awarness and show the population why donating blood is important.

Acoording to the Federal Government, only 1.8% of brazilians donates blood.
Become a permanent blood donation awarness campaing and support to blood centers and hemonuclei.
The Blood Donation Coin will donate 10% of project to the blood center and hemonuclei and projects of donation of blood.

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Why use Blood Donation Coin?

There will only be 8 millions of BBRC distributed around the world. The algorithm used is the CryptoNote and you can easily mine it too.

Cryptonote Technology

CryptoNote is the technology that allows the creation of egualitarian and anonymous crypto-coin. Unlike traditional crypto-coins that predominantly use unambiguoussignatures to verify the transfer, CryptoNote uses ring signatures. Thus, the verifier can only identify that one of them was a signatory, but can not identify the actual individual.


All our code is Open Source and can be found in GITHUB.

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